Dating nice guys finish last

I usually don’t put any effort until I know where the relationship is going, yet most men I dated were really into me right from the beginning.The one time I become the “nice woman,” he feels he doesn’t have to do any work.I usually don’t write on the weekends, but this email from a regular reader made me change my mind – especially since it’s thematically relevant to my most recent post, as well as my new book that’s coming out in a few weeks: All right, Evan, so I’ve been following your blog and advice for quite awhile now and I sure learned a lot from it.You are right on most things, but I must say I was right on this one: Men care more about women who don’t care for them.Nice guys who are only nice are boring, but the proverbial “nice guy with edge” is the holy grail for most women.I’d like to think you can be a nice, generous, thoughtful, devoted man without kissing your girlfriend’s ass and losing all semblance of self-respect.

If you’re afraid to make any moves, you’re going to strike out, and nice guys tend to shy away from making moves.Although mostly anecdotal, it’s widely known that if you try to treat a woman really well in order to get you to like her, she’ll almost never like you back.Being a nice guy also makes you weak against tougher competition.If she is attracted to you, however, then you’re at a serious advantage, because your niceness will make her want to be around you more than any other guy.Perhaps most important, however, is that it’s a myth that women are not attracted to nice guys.

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