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“The NYPD sent you this message because you responded to an online ad for prostitution. The NYPD is on a mission to shame the creeps who browse through sleezy prostitution websites — by planting fake ads and sending warning texts to those looking to get their rocks off, The Post has learned.Police have posted phony listings on sites like for years, but always waited until the would-be john showed up and then arrested him.But while a single ad typically leads up to a dozen men to actually show up in person, another 25 to 75 guys call but either don’t book a “date” or never arrive, sources say.For customers looking for something specific with their temporary mate, the app has adjustable filters, which allows users to peruse profiles according to body type or special services.Once a client decides on his desired companion, he can get in touch and make a date.

The country’s prostitution industry is said to generate 16 billion euros per year.

Christian Singles Nyc So, ladies, it is extremely important to avoid giving men you meet through dating sites any information that will allow them to identify you until you are sure who you are dealing.

Married But Flirting By separating the two, you will cover in the chance that the relationship fails.

“But hopefully it will scare people trying it for the first time, or legitimate people who have jobs or families who don’t want to get arrested.” The stings take place one to two times a week, across all five boroughs, sources say.

The ads are designed to be as realistic as possible — with prices matched to the going rate, generally between 0 and 0 — and are posted once police are set up in a hotel room.

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