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Living in the society involves multiple interactions with other people, some short-term and unimportant, others – critical for our life and career.

By knowing someone’s personality, you can quickly understand their behavior, motivations, and communication style.* Understand your mate: The divorce rate in the United States has jumped from thirty to fifty percent since the 1960s.In our fast-paced, information-oriented society, people often lose the ability to communicate.PEP's short response form can be completed in less than two minutes and the full report produced in 60 seconds (depending on the speed of your printer). PEP is designed to enhance employee relations, not threaten them.1.The screen-based report can be produced even more quickly. When downloaded, click the INSTALL button and ignore the REGISTER button.

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The Personality Evaluation Program (PEP) was originally developed for the corporate environment to help better matching for the employees and job functions and planning for the better cooperation in the functional teams.

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