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Considering more women are locking down careers in STEM, it’s about time!Access to society journal content varies across our titles.According to the researchers, the tradition of “female homemakers” and “male breadwinners” no longer exists in many nations.For example, in the US, 70 percent of mothers with children under 18 are working moms.Many elements of our romantic and sexual choices are influenced by society.A study by the University of St Andrews found that exposure to online media pushes our attraction closer to stereotypes of masculine and feminine extremes.

“Our review across several disciplines suggest that mating preferences of men as well as women have responded with unsuspected speed to progress toward gender equality,” said Marcel Zentner, professor of psychology at University of Innsbruck.First, they looked at cross-cultural research to compare the values in different countries around the world.They found that the more gender-egalitarian a country was, the less likely the men and women would trade “male earning power” for “female youth and beauty,” according to the researchers.This flexibility allows people to do what sociocultural theorists have maintained for a long time: Select partners who minimize the costs and maximize the benefits that they will experience in their future lives,” Alice Eagly, professor of psychology and faculty fellow at the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern, said in a press statement.The researchers looked at three sources of evidence to come to the conclusion that brains are becoming more important than physical appearance.

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