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Or they can be shown here long after most other audiences have seen them?Give Bozeman a break, Regal Entertainment Group, or more like, give us what we're due.It was "the universal suspicion on the part of the husbands of the few women in town" that John Bozeman was a philanderer chasing the local married women, in the words of one historian. When I moved here, we had two historic downtown movie theaters and a multiplex with about a half-dozen additional screens.After he was killed, his estate wasn't worth as much as his outstanding bills. Yes, when you mention Montana, most people understand the weather is often bad here – as in, cold. Then another national theater chain opened a second multiplex, adding more than a half-dozen additional screens.

Anschutz is a politically active conservative Christian, opposing gay rights and backing various right-wing causes, and Regal Entertainment not only seems to have his conservative philosophy, the company also seems ignorant of basic facts like, Bozeman has more than 38,000 residents, and tens of thousands more live just outside city limits.

I'm talking about Bozeman, Montana – and how the conventional wisdom is only part of the story.

In the 19 years I've lived in Bozeman, I've watched my town gain an international reputation as some kind of paradise.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.

In my role as a journalistic curmudgeon, today I'd like to tell you some of the drawbacks of living in a trendy Western town that often makes the Top 10 lists drawn up by the likes of Outside magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, and

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"His conscience was very elastic," a friend reported, and "to beat a man out of his wages or to neglect paying a bill or jumping a claim were matters of very little moment with him. His faults were produced by his education, or the lack of it rather, and the social system of the South, where labor was a disgrace to a white man. 9 - 10 below zero Three of these days, the high temperature in late afternoon didn't even break zero.

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