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Cake Boss also suffered from criticisms after its producers breached an agreement with a special guest from the LGBT community.

These legal troubles far surpass those of the typical small business bakery. The show presented a man who claimed to have won millions of dollars and was looking for a woman to marry him.

This moment called into question the events of the entire show and the presence of the paranormal activity captured on camera.

are all scripted shows, characterized by the producers’ editing of footage to create a fictional story line and bullying to make contestants say things to the camera that will heighten the drama of the show.

This scene is a humorous tale of finding joy in life, no matter how old you are.

Methuselah is approaching 900 years old, but his encounter with a teenage skateboarder reminds us that it's never too late to try something new.

Would he want to be a terrifying lion, or would he rather be a coy cat?

He dates a group of women and eliminates one for each episode, until only one of them remains.

The secret about the real identity of the man, Evan Mariott (Season 1), is that he was actually a construction worker.

This is a crowd favorite when it comes to questions, because they ALWAYS get a laugh.

I wonder what silly and embarrassing things have happened to your potential suitors? With this question, you can figure out a little bit about his future and what he is setting his sights on.

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