Dating someone four years younger

Perhaps you’ve dated a guy with a huge amount of debt that limited your activities.Perhaps you’ve dated a guy with kids whose responsibilities had to be accommodated for.In addition to the beautifully matched lust levels and stamina, younger millennials have been exposed to a far more candid and unprejudiced dialogue about sex during their impressionable years. When I was dating men my own age, certain attitudes and behaviors were a turn-off.This removes stigma, improves trust, and opens a world of adventures… I’d just discovered my freedom and was excited by the possibilities the world had to offer, whereas my dates often seemed disillusioned by life.Seeking new experiences and stepping out of our comfort zones is how we can truly develop as humans.The amazing thing about dating someone younger is the access to new and exciting experiences, and this positive effect filters into every aspect of life.With all this chat about guys maturing way slower than us, it's fair to wonder whether an age gap like this can affect a relationship.Here, women who dated or date much younger men explain what it's like - the highs and the lows.1."I've only dated two guys younger than me and they both soured me towards younger men, though I do try to remember that not all younger men are like them. Because we talked about kids up front and neither of us wants them for very specific reasons, it’s a non-issue.

Our 20s are a difficult and formative time, so from my older perspective, being able to aid the journey of someone I love is very rewarding. The people we surround ourselves with encourage different elements of ourselves that can have a huge impact on how our personalities are cultivated over time.

In addition to the expectations of our older family members and married friends, our life choices are then shamelessly politicized by the media.

If, like me, you’re sick of this unwanted interference, dating someone less likely to join the pressure brigade is a no-brainer.

They’re also more likely to identify as feminists (YES!

) and be less influenced by negative gender stereotyping — at least that’s the case with my guy. Perhaps you’ve dated a guy so damaged by his ex that your relationship had to compensate.

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