Dating someone new

Then, you can deal with your feelings by acknowledging how you feel, talking to friends, and journaling.

If you haven't already, set strong boundaries between yourself and your ex.

If you always want what others have, you will lose your authentic self and you will never have enough." Sarah Schewitz, Psy D is a psychologist with over 10 years of experience helping couples and individuals improve and change their patterns in love and relationships.

“It’s idealistic to expect all feelings to dissipate immediately after a break up.

It’s how we interpret those feelings that determine its influence in relationships going forward.”Where it gets tricky is if you interpret lingering feelings as meaning that you should still be with your ex.“That will likely promote doubt of any current partner and longing for the past,” she says.

Breakups are always hard, but they're worse when your ex moves on before you.

When you find out your ex has a new partner, it's important to use healthy ways to process the news.

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She is the founder of Couples Learn, an online psychology practice.

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