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This month I’m looking at a snare drum that is becoming very popular here in the UK, the Ludwig Pioneer.

They all have a unique voice, and obviously some sound better than others; some just have that vintage Mojo straight off the rack at any tuning, some need a little work to find their sweet spot.

If you are looking to begin your vintage snare collection, or you are looking for a classic vintage sound in the studio, then this would be a great starting point.

Here’s a video of some of the Ludwig Jazz Festival snares we have in stock…

More and more players that call into the shop are asking after these drums for their tonal qualities; a lot don’t care what muffler is fitted or whether the hardware is chrome or nickel.

They’re after that sound, and it is a different sound to the 8 lug models that were marketed back in the day as professional and today are considered more collectible.

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