Definition accommodating resistance

Travis Mash did an outstanding presentation at the 2009 Central Ohio Strength & Conditioning Clinic on using the WSBB method with Olympic lifts.

He was up front and honest with what he discovered.

They are very fast with light weight, but as the load grows to near max, 95% and higher, they slow considerably. For example, for the squat week 1, 50%; week 2 55%; week 3 60%; week 4 back to 50%.

This can be corrected by using a higher percentage of band tension- 65% of total bar load. Speed is relative when compared to the amount of resistance. Change from bands to chains, add weight releasers, use the lightened method or overcoming a rested load, or change your grip or stance. Rest periods should be 45-60 seconds between sets for explosive and speed work.

When loads of 90% and above are used, this causes maximal force rather than appearing explosive.

I called Bud Chamiga in Michigan and asked for several of his books that were translated from Russian.

Chuck Vogelpohl and I commonly go heavy on the Reverse Hyper Machine and do abs, lats, and sometimes reversal action workouts before a squat or max effort workout.

Small workouts during the week will greatly increase your chances of raising your total. A lot of you dudes played high school football, which included 2-and 3-a day practice sessions. If these workouts are done systematically, you cannot over train.

This slows the movement down while developing absolute strength. This can be prolonged with the use of bands to prevent a quick bar deceleration. We have a 63-foot shot-putter that said he has always been quick, with a 363 power clean and a 565 deadlift at 250 pounds body weight. The muscles should be in an excitable state or slightly fatigued. The more inquiring you are (extroverted), the more often you must switch exercises and the fewer exercises you need. We combine many methods on speed day to fortify our training.

This will cause an increase in difficulty in training. How did you get stronger without doing more work, yet you didn’t over train. If one used a single method, it would take forever to utilize them all and they would not be nonproductive.

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