Developing and validating measurements Sexywebcam for chat

After purification of the items, finally, a revision containing 18 items for measuring Internet compulsive buying is generated.The measurement scale contains four constructs, namely, tendency to spend, feelings about shopping and spending, dysfunctional spending, and post-purchase guilt.

Groves (1987) defines measurement error as the "discrepancy between respondents' attributes and their survey responses" (p. Development of a valid and reliable questionnaire involves several steps taking considerable time.

Thus, compulsive buying has become a critical issue for scholars and practitioners.

Meanwhile, the Internet also serves as an enabler for online compulsive buying intention and behavior for its ease of use, timeless, and avoiding interaction with others.

In recent years, for the rapid development of technology, many innovative goods and services have been introduced into marketplaces.

Furthermore, the desire of individual has also been brought into the way beyond control.

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