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You can read my review of their course here – It’s good, a bit more expensive and more in-depth.

Going through Bobby and Rob’s material that’s included free in Greg’s course is probably a good way to see if it resonates with you and then decide if you want to go through their whole course.

Anyhow – I’ve written up a quick and opinionated review of Greg’s texting program below…

I start by going over what you will learn in the course, then go you some pros and cons of following Greg’s strategies, discuss how Greg’s Texting Blueprint stacks up against other texting guides in the marketplace, and then wrap things up with my personal recommendation on whether this training is worth investing in. The Texting Blueprint is a new texting system by Greg C.

But I have since been through a few courses on this, and as you can probably imaging this is no longer an issue for me.

So my point is – It is definitely important (in my humble but accurate opinion) to get good at texting women as soon as you can so that when you get some hot chicks number you can actually get her to meet up with you in a timely fashion!

I haven’t mentioned Greg on this site for a while – but he is the real deal.

A few years ago he had a course called The King’s Game that was really good and he has a new improved “Power Formula” you can check out here.

Whether that means hooking up or potentially starting a more serious relationship – this system can be used to help facilitate both scenarios.

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ey Guys, today I’ve got a review of a new program from a guy named Greg Greenway that he calls his “Texting Blueprint”…

So if you want to just dive into the product ASAP, here’s a link to get it now: So, I think we can all agree that these days being good at texting women is a pretty important part of being successful with dating.

Personally I used to be horrible at texting, and it cost me more than a few women back in the day.

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These texts are great to use as is, so you can take them and use them word-for-word without needing to get creative.

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