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"The 60 year challenge" is a much better, cleaner, shorter course. This program is not for everyone, it will change your life.Knowledge of attraction and seduction is a prerequisite, you will never be able to have that lasting relationship with a 10 unless you can attract the 10 first.This program goes well beyond the realms of relationships with women and ends up focusing on your growth as an individual. David takes material from some of his non-dating courses for business like Wake Up Productive on subjects varying from leadership, finding your purpose in life, making your day productive and living with a 'clean system' so that you build your energy.The reasoning behind this according to De Angelo is that you need to become a better man yourself in order to become Mr. This is all valuable stuff for your life - coming from my own perspective I know how improvements in all these areas of my life have benefited my relationships, so while you may not 'get' the link, trust me, it's there.For instance De Angelo identifies these as the Deal Breakers for a woman: - You don't want a woman who will accept excuses for not doing what you need to do - You want a woman that can help you heal your emotional wounds (i.e.

- The 3 things women demand in a man - How a woman can spot a "fraud" - How to develop rapport with a woman - The steps to create intimacy with a woman - The 8 mental blocks you must overcome - The 3 poison emotions that run most men's lives - How to figure out your unique learning style - A visualization exercise that trains you to let go - How to handle a woman's emotional waves - How to keep your composure when a woman goes through extreme emotions - How to clean up every aspect of your life - How to figure out a what woman's primary interest is - How to become a master of conflict - How to actualize yourself as a better human being - How to help a woman you care about solve her problems - How to tell stories in a compelling way - How to control your emotions when you are with a woman - How to handle it when a woman says you don't understand her I wonder if his first stuff was good...Valuable content here on what your expectations should be for a woman, and how she can bring a positive influence to your life and you to hers.This is definitely for guys at an advanced level - if you can't hold up a relationship, then it would be difficult for you to fathom starting here.Overall I would ignore this, as it is likely to leave you more confused than adding any benefits - with the exception of the five love languages.If you're interested in understanding women's personality types, the best course for this is the Pandora's Box System.

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