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If the game starts becoming your only source of social interactions and you only log on to involve yourself in the prif lode bankstanding drama TAKE A BREAK.I’ve currently quit Runescape for an indefinite amount of time because the game stopped being fun. I wouldn’t wish the shit I’ve been through on anyone so I ask you to please take my words to heart.The relationship failed, as almost all of these relationships do.I was left with a lot of psychological damage that I still deal with sometimes today.I can sit here today and tell you all of this with confidence because I know people who have gone through this cycle and most importantly I’ve been through it.I met a girl on Runescape in the past and we did all of your typical edating bullshit.But one day you can meet someone in real life and if the really love you they’ll accept you even if you play some nerdy medieval game on your computer. None of us installed the game to meet our future spouse.The best advice I can give you is that if the game stops becoming fun and starts becoming something that you use to pass time TAKE A BREAK.

It seems to me that that issue is really linked to you, not to the game. If you look at the post source, there actually are linebreaks, but not b2b linebeaks, so the "formatting" is ignored.I’d log on solely to check who’s online and what kind of drama was stirring about. Save yourself and don’t search for serious relationships on this game. I'd love to discuss and hear peoples point of view on this, don't be shy in the comments please.tl;dr: people who seriously edate most likely have issues and it leads to unhealthy relationships/inevitable heartbreak. Edited for formatting PSA/RANT/Off My Chest addressing your formatting. The ones who just naturally click and actually meet irl n get shit done.And those that just purely go out their way to get that girl pixel ass, and after seeing some pics from my girl-friends there's a fuck ton of cringey people out there lol.Depression, loneliness/lack of social life, and not being contempt with themselves are all common symptoms of these people who search for relationships on this game.Runescape being their only day-to-day social interaction is not healthy, which in turn will lead to a very unhealthy relationship.

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We're all individuals, we're not all the same. Was I 'ready to be in relationship', yeah sure.

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