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While both of these lusts may seem odd, it is easy to see that apotemnophiles are the more disturbed of the two, as they find the removal of their own healthy limbs to be sexy.

Most acrotomphiles lust after people who already are amputees, rather than wanting to amputate the limbs from a partner without a disability.

There are two types of these fantasies, acrotomphilia, the sexual attraction to amputees, and apotemnophilia, the sexual drive to become an amputee.To these fetishists, there is no such thing as an overactive gag reflex because things don't really get hot for them until someone looses their lunch.A common slang term for the act of vomiting on one's partner is a Roman shower -not to be confused with the more common and equally gross, golden shower, which occurs when someone urinates on their partner.The HIV fetish involves trying to sleep with someone infected with AIDS in an effort to contract the disease.Although there are some straight men and women who fall into this group, the majority are bi or gay men.

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Fetishists can range from those that enjoy seeing bugs stepped on to those who like watching a tiny kitten be murdered with a stiletto heel.

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