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Besides, the rest of my characters are as close to anonymous as you could probably get.I do dabble in the markets, yes, but not to the extent that I know some of the users of the site do.I think I do enough to be aware of what options and tools would be useful to the majority of people though.My time is mostly spent doing the regular, everyday things in EVE: missioning, mining, the occasional pvp roam.I’d like to thank those readers who use the site and contribute their ideas.I might not get a chance to respond to every email, evemail, and PM, but I do read them all and take them under advisement.It’s probably not the most streamlined of processes, but it’s usually not too bad because it’s fairly rare that CCP adds more than a few new items on a release. We’ve received quite a few responses so far and they’ve definitely shown us what we need to keep and a few services that we plan on looking into offering in the future.

That’s definitely something we’re looking at implementing in the near future.For those who have never used the site, please come take a look – anyone from the occasional trader to the station tycoon will find tools that are geared towards them.Also, if there’s anyone with a PHP/Python background who’d like to do contract work on an EVE related site, feel free to reach out to me.When I read that the original owner was bowing out, I wanted to keep this resource available to those who made use of it. When I initially took over the site, I knew what I used the site for, but I had no idea what others found useful.With every new release, there is a multi-step procedure that needs to be done in order to add all the new items to the SQL database. So I created a simple survey that I’ve linked in our blog and in-game channel to gauge what did and did not work for our users, what they wanted to see, etc.

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