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Feel free to display this certificate in a frame by your desk and mention your membership to employers during performance reviews or on resumes to potential employers. Make it a talking point that shows you have the edge among administrative professionals and are a leader in your field and proud of your administrative career and role.The best administrative professionals never stop learning!As a job performance and career success coach and advisor to administrative assistants and executive assistants globally for 10 years, Porter’s specialty is serving administrative professionals like you with job performance and career management advice.As a member of VAAP, you will get a current subscription to (8 pages/PDF format/6 issues per year).This is available from and accessed through the online That means you can access all of the information on demand virtually (online) on your time.Learn a little here and there on your breaks or down-time at work or learn a lot on your own hours at home. includes online article content, links to useful resources and tools on the Web, special reports, downloadable digital publications, archived newsletters and current newsletter issues—all produced for administrative assistants and executive assistants (or any administrative professional title or level).YES, you can do all that with the tips and knowledge available in Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals (VAAP) educational resources.

There are various payment options to join VAAP listed on the next page.All individual VAAP members get a digital membership certificate.Frame it, display it, put it in your career portfolio — demonstrate that you love to continuously learn in your administrative field to maintain your expertise.The role of the administrative professional is constantly changing, sometimes fast, and you need to build and maintain a wide variety of practical skills and knowledge that you can apply in your workplace and career now.VAAP learning materials can be an addition to your current personal administrative professional reference library or supplement any administrative professional training you’re currently participating in. All of the VAAP educational resources are electronic and either downloadable or viewable online at the VAAP Private Member Web Site.

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