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Maybe you’re trying for the wrong women, because gentlemen, it’s not hard.You’ll find that with a few key points and some quick insight, picking up women can be rather simple, after all.But you’ve got to be your best behaved self and things will flow much easier; you won’t have to worry about stuttering to spit out the next lie in order to impress the slutty Kerri Lynn.And here’s another little tip I know you don’t want to hear either, but deal with it; let her talk about herself.Look for a ring on the ring finger and a tan line, if no ring is present. While you’re having her talk about herself, have her answering questions you’re asking her.If you can’t tell by doing this, then ask her point blank or in a subtle way, whichever you find more comfortable. You can find out about relationships, if they have kids, if they’re into casual sex and what kind of sex they like.Which by the way, are incredibly lame and no girl will fall for them.

Take a look at the people who are sitting alone at the bar; do they look like someone you want to bring home?[quote]“I watched this guy while he sat on a bench on the boardwalk, night after night, calling out, “Hey, I’m John, ya wanna fuck?” to every decent chick that walked by and I shit you not, EVERY night that week, he went home and he got laid.You want to avoid females in a relationship like the plague! It’ll seem like you’re interested in her, all the while you’re really finding out if you truly want to take her home.Confidence is also something a man should possess when trying to land a chick. There is a massive difference and that is getting laid or getting smacked.

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