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First-year Converse Judson coach Rodney Williams, the school's long-time offensive coordinator who succeeded Sean Mc Auliffe – after Mc Auliffe resigned to replace Gene Johnson at Cypress Ranch – earned ...

A season-opening game is something circled on the calendar months in advance.

The prerequisite scenario for Jean to go Phoenix is that she has to either die or be put in a situation where she’s going to die — in the old timeline that happened in 2003 at the end of “X2,” and in the new timeline that happened in 1992.

So to be perfectly clear: none of the events of the original three “X-Men” movies are going to take place after “Dark Phoenix.” By going back in time and changing things, he created a new future.

The events of “Apocalypse,” for example, occurred because the existence of mutants became widespread much earlier than it had in the previous timeline, and that in turn set in motion the chain of events that brought En Sabah Nur (Oscar Isaac) back to wreak havoc on the world.

Also Read: All 12 ' X-Men' Movies Ranked, From Worst to Best (Photos) Likewise, Jean Grey’s whole Dark Phoenix situation happened differently after Wolverine’s journey through time.

To me, that sort of timeline ambiguity is the perfect way to end this whole thing.

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Adding to the confusion a bit is the fact that James Mc Avoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and Nicholas Hoult are all playing characters who have aged 30 years across the films they starred in, even though in the real world less than a decade has passed.A lot can happen in three decades that could still bring that future to fruition, but with this main series ended now it’s tough to draw a line from what happened at the end of “Dark Phoenix” to where “Days of Future Past” shows everybody ending up.That that means that “Dark Phoenix” may or may not have introduced some massive new continuity errors to the series, and we’ll never get to find out because there aren’t going to be any more movies that follow this thread.“New Mutants,” as far as we can tell, won’t feature any character from the other Fox “X-Men” films.And as for post-“Dark Phoenix,” since Disney now owns 20th Century Fox, Marvel almost certainly intends to introduce the main X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point, and it’s definitely not gonna be this version.

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So it’s time to say goodbye to a franchise that kicked off nearly 20 years ago — and more importantly, to a crazy timeline built up over the years that makes it hard as hell to nail down what the story even is.

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