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Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. A Blaiboowrxk man had married a natlre of Kirkcaldy. What's the sense of being a prophet if you can't squint ahead a trifle of fifteen hundred years?

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Some years later, when the woxqad was dying, she said to her husband, "John. and I want you to do me a faror." "Weel, 'oman, what is it? America will fill up with all kinds of people from white men to Anglo-Saxons ; they'll be too busy to govern themselves, and our boys will take care of them.

595 Manchuria's Fixed Constella- tion 567 Man's Conquest, A 108 Man who didn't Fail, The 137 March 193 Marriage Ceremony or Baptism. Merger Hogg is taking a few Days' much needed rest at his country Home.. Buckton says he likes a social Game of Poker 414 Mr. 67 Say, Mister Officer, if this young Lady is engaged to two, can't she be arrested fer Bigamy? 552 Scenes of our Youth 570 Schedule for an Up-to-Date New Yorker 173 Secret, The 52-3 See here, young Fellow (Uncle Sam and Venezuela) 7 Seeing Things 95 See, Johnny! Restrictions governing investments ; 5* Supervision by a Board of Directors composed of men chosen for their business knowledge and wide experi- ence. Fti WJftr Goln^ Into Business A min imfnc Uittdy tikc^ iti^i fo pmicd Kim mviriinurnit. Protccr i Hcm by Life Iniuri Jite tn The Prudential Insurance Company of America JOHN F, Dft YDEr* Prti^Pilfni IS2-^ A. 2 2 GOLD MEDALS LONDON 1861 PHIIMIPMIA \m VIENNA 1873 CHICAGO 1893 LONDON \m BUFFALO 1901 PARIS 1867 1878 1300 The Worlds Best Tonic Imported from Trinidad bwi Unr Jvajtcd appetiztng Conic and siomafh corretik^e, recommended by physicians. The picture has been in the Gorcoran Oallery for seven years, and the ladies want it sent back there. Heaven knows whether the Venezuelan mind is so constituted that experience of any sort can be profitable to it, but Venezuela has been having revolutions these many T^OCTOR LORENZ is the hardest ~^ worked and most popular visitor we have had since Prince Henry came. "Aunty," said she, "don't you want some of my almonds? Bicycle S^ Playing [^ Cards are Favorites the world over. He is willing, but not at all anxious, to die For her sake, if she asks him, but wants to know why. Craigie has made her satire subtle for obvious business reasons. In the last act her deliberation and slowness almost bring ruin to a play which at best is not written in sprightly measure. Worsley, the Bishop*s nephew, whose matrimonial doom seems entirely in his uncle's hands, so little character has the youth himself, is not exactly an ideal jeune premier either in personality or methods.

535 Mary had a little Lamb 331 Mashed Potatoes 594 May 439 Meadow and Brook 439 Merely a Postponement 405 Metropolitan Critic, The 411 Millionaire trying to "Kill Time" 563 Mill Race, A 2Q Mill That Jack Built. Bumble- bee 57 Mistake of a Mother, The 297 Misunderstanding, A 325 Moneybags takes the Air 539 More than Rumor 14 Morning, Noon and Night 395 Mother is on our Side, Anyway. An old-fashioned Stage Coach 445 Sense and Incense 177 Shady Story, A 271 Shade of Elizabeth and Auto- mobile 71 She belongs to 400, doesn't she? IS lucky (chicks) 303 Signor Mascagm's Impressions of the Land of Freedom... M 222-3 Sleeping Beauty, The 509 Snapshots in Hades 28. The Company is a legal depository for Trust Funds, and for City, County and State Moneys. Van Nc^ndto, F^wttdrmi M&Hon C Ktclhrj K Vict- ^ ft* am,t J^ « Mah Lon D. A lialf a wine-glass before or after meals ox before retiring strengthens ihe jaded siom- ach. Their feeling is that if hardened peo- ple choose to go to picture galleries and run the risk of seeing nude pic- tures, it is nobody's fault but their own, but that the White House ought to set an example of expurgation to other American domiciles. He has worked his way across the coun- try, exciting great interest wherever he has gone, and putting children's hip bones in their sockets by the hun- dred. " "Thank you, dear," was the prompt reply, "I will take one or two. When you play with "Bicycle" Playing Cards you Hold Good Cards. His compliments please, for, between you and me, He sees only just what he wishes to see. ieo9L DARRACQ p A DC HOLD MORE RECORDS THAN ANY ^^i V»3 OTHER MAKE IN THE WORLD .* ji i lii3itw. But the part is a silly one, about as silly as that of the young girl Barbara, to which Deronda Mayo brings more intelligence than it deserves.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. Li PB is for sale by all Newsdealers in Great Britain. Patrick died in the odor of sanctity and the North of Ireland ; he went to glory, and heaven is his bed.

Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. The international News Company, Bream*s Bollding, Chancery Lane, London, E. It was O'Hara, the wise philosopher of Shanbally- macguthrie, who wrote ''Blessed is the man who dies poor and single.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. we know ; But razorbacks on railroad tracks Quite often meet wlih woe. He sailed for Spain and fetched up in New York, antedating the Santa Maria and Mayflower.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Therefore, my friend, we cannot The check for which you pine. After charting Manhattan he sieered for Australia, and landed in Galway and was welcomed home by St. Said he to the Apostle, *' America is a great country and a fine climate.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Just plant the dead ; place o'er his head "Here lies a foolish swine." — Milwaukee Evening Wi90on*in. A quiet resort with every comfort, for men nervously disordered through dissipa- tion. All it needs is a hard-working, thrifty population and a firm, paternal Irish government to make it the wonder of the world." "Brendan," said Patrick softly, ''what d'ye think Vm teaching the principles of government for?

The 512 First Lesson, The 410 PAOB First-Nighter, The 48 First Syndicate Performance. The 373 Florida 167 For Love and Spring make a Goose of Everyone 351 Fragment from the Oxyrhynch- ous Papyri, A 203 French History 302 Fresh Air Fund 588 Future of Cattle-Brick. 127 Game of Hearts, A 521 German Bird 3*7 Getting Acquainted 271 Getting ready for the Summer Trade 488 Getting the good Things of LIFE 365 Get your Money's Worth if you can, but don't overlook the man on the fence 49 Giving Up 323 Gloomy (Jutlook for Pa, A 410 Going down for the third Time. Not a Drop of Ice Water for a Bath 3^9 Happy Faculty, A 343 Hardly Worth While 261 "arold and his Pa. 444 If you Folks can't learn Man- ners (Mice and Tails under Table) 75 If you open your Mouth, I shoot (Burglar) 363 If your Daughter trusts me, Sir, why can't you? 585 Of course, we needn't believe Everything we hear about our Friends 449 Of course you will come to Sun- day School 301 Oh, come. You know we must make these Calls 249 Oh, fluttering Heart, sit still! People can't always be loving each Other 30 Oh, yes, it's a good Likeness, but you know Frances al- , ways did take well 149 Old Man Washington and Neighbor 160 Ominous 176 One of the Dangers of the Third Rail 389 One-Sided Affair, A 88 Only a Dream 198 Only Way. 196 Our Fellow Citizen, the Sultan of Zulu, and his Wives 54 Our Foolish Contemporaries. Contest (An- swer) 96 Wholesale Generosity 464 Who's the Victim 345 Why, he can hatch more Eggs than that! Enough new hotels and apartment houses will be finished to shelter about a million more people, and folks who have the price of happiness about them will have a fair chance to be happy here. Many more bridges over the East River and a series of tunnels under both North and East Rivers will pres- ently give New York enough con* venient exits to empty the island at any time in the course of an hour. LIFE- Otpjtrfa Htr fl NM, Av r.— Last week of "A Country Olrl." Best of the musical comedies. Victoria.—'' The Eternal City.*' Hall Calne dramatized. Thus they contribute in no small measure to the creation of a correct popular taste. When drunk thou shalt in nowise ride ; No dog or beast shall with thee bide. A few moments later he met a friend, and said to him : "I've beaten all you fellows. The President does not deny, however, that the navy yards have been ordered to hasten all repairs. The more is this remarkable m this bishop shows himself a most adroit match-maker. m J^^^==^ Zimii&^^Sf^r -^ ^ Avenue of Palms, California.

215 Golfer Cupid 469 Golfer's Paradise, The 414 Good Sign, A 55 Gosh, Maria, he's the handiest Help I've ever hired 544 Government Emphatically by the People 87 Gracious! .30, 176, 204, 550 Hat itself is pretty, hut does it go with my Horns? 77 I kpow you must have made Love to some other Girl 409 Illustrated Lecture on Literary New York 531 I Love this Toy the Best of all ... 339 Incense 257 In Forty-Second Street 225 In Praise of Tobacco 204 In proportion 155 In Saecula Saeculorum 45 Interrupted Courtship, An 132 Tn the Garden of Harmony 265 In Time of the Theatrical Trust ... 417 It draws the Lightning 115 It is a wise Ass that knows its own Driver 591 It's not as hot as I thought it would be 571 It was all right 272 I want you to mention my Dia- monds being stolen . had your Talent 387 Jack, dear, when you are gone I shall pine away 199 January (Clay) 3 Jones has asked Miss Robinson to sit out the next Dance. 70 FAOB Latest Books: 6, a B, 48* 68, .88, 108, 130, i§2, 174, 196, 218, 242, 264, 288, 322, 344» 366, 388, 408, 442, 462, 486, 512, 544* 588 Lenten Letter, A 171 Lest we Forget 145 Let Joy be Unconfined 67 Let's Kiss and Part 55© LIFE'S Dictionary of Inter- national Biography 27, 55 LIFE'S Fashions for 1903: 48, 87, 159, 174, 197, 242, 263, 330, 352, 360, 462 LIFE'S Guide to Summer Read- ing 566 LIFE'S Photograph Gallery: 442, 494, 551, 573 LIFE'S Suggestions for Artistic Street Signs 88 Light Diet, A 291 Literary Notes 512 Little Boy, does your Mother know you spend Money Playing Craps? If you write a Sequel — (Hero of Histori- cal Novel and Author) 561 Look! 544 Look, Papa, the Duke has brought his Coronet 368 Love at First Sight 396 Love Laughs at Bolts and Bars, no Love on Skates 89 Lovers 182 Love's Fetter 550 Luxury of Travel in New York. 526, 576 Patriotic 444 Peace with Honor 160 Peach Crop, A 592-3 Perils of Springtime Golf 367 Personal Case, A 116 Phoebe, see how the color has run in this Waist 345 Pie 416 Pill for Bill, A 195 Plea, A , 289 Plea for Ignorance, A 594 Poet is a Person who Writes a- Sonnet 285 Point of View 120 Pony of Love, A 266 Portrait of Gentleman who was unwilling to attend a fancy dress Ball until he saw him- self in Costume 485 Postals from a Home-made Son to a Self-made Father 351 Prayer of the Predaceous, The. returning Salutation of Friend in Gasoline Automobile 388 Prophecy, A 127 Proposal, A 23 Proved Romance, A 345 Pshaw! 389 Why not advertise the sensa- tional Novel in a Sensation- al Way n Why she didn't get the Place. 27 Yankee Foozles 529 Ye Plaint of ye Tuneful Weaver. It is going to be so, presently, that you can go anywhere in ten minutes for five cents and arrive in health and with all your clothes on, but it will take a little more time to realize that, and meanwhile, for the moment, New York is swamped. The President in times past has shown a disposition to be master in his own dining-room, and probably he will be in this case. J'^njhrf.—*' Imprudence." Clever comedy, fairly well done. Gar Hck.^HAry Mannerlng In "The Stublornness of Geraldlne.' Light and amusing comedy Herald i Square.—Mr, Mansfield's production of '* Julius Csesar.' Well done. Goodwin and Miss Elliott In "The Altar of Friendship/' Pleasing little play, well acted. I've just added the words 'Sioux Falls' to Senator 's vocabu- lary." — youth's Companion. Washington : The Grerman Ambassador acknowledges that the man with a camera, at Caracas, is a subject of His Imperial Majesty Wilhelm II. n PHE Englishman's love is a model of form, •^ Respectable, dominant, never too warm. Thn her own Lapp." DESPERATE COUBSB OF A LOVER WHOSE l ANCES IS A CONFIRMED LIOM-HUNTEB. His gifts in this line he uses to divert the affections of his ass of a nephew in the direction of a you Ag and colorless girl, and away from the vivacious widow. Thompson would probably long ago have been known in this capacity had he assumed a romantic stage name instead of sturdily and honestly adhering to his own commonplace and easily forgettable one. To go to California with you this spring and escape inclement weather ^t home. Travel on the Califomiot Limited — absolutely finest train in the world.

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