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Let's take a look at the pros and cons so you can decide whether chatting with people online is a good fit for you.

Pros When you speak to someone in a chat room, while you may have things in common, you don't know each other intimately like you do your friends and family.

If you prefer reaching out to people online, Better Help is a safe and affordable alternative to chat rooms in-person therapy that matches users with a licensed counselor.

It's okay to reach out online if you need help, but you should also work on figuring out why it is difficult for you to be vulnerable or reach out to your in-person friends.

Through this process, you might learn that the people in your life aren't as supportive as you need them to be.

Whether your situation fits into these categories or you have another reason, turning to online chat rooms can be appealing in these situations.

Source: Most chat rooms offer anonymity, which can give us the confidence to talk about things that we wouldn't normally talk about to people that we know in 'real life.' Sometimes, it's just easier to open up to people that we meet online, but should we?

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