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Robots flirt more or less how you’d expect: awkwardly, employing clichés, direct questions and the occasional emoji to communicate interest.

Sound like the guy you’ve been talking to on Bumble?

In other words, we’ve tried to make it easy for non-techies (like marketers and digital managers) to create a chatbot without digging into the documentation until giving up.

We will continue to work on improving the UI — if you have feedback and ideas, please share them in our Slack Group.

Please keep the chat clean or you might get banned for any of the rules mentioned above.“Sex is so much more than a physical act,” Juicebox CEO and founder Brianna Rader, a 27-year-old “queer woman” from Tennessee, tells The Post.“People want their minds stimulated, and dirty talk is a great way to do that.” In building her automated sext coach, Rader emphasized consent and good “sextiquette” — while still having fun with language and not shying away from talk about bondage and other kinks.Then the user and the bot begin a “flow,” or conversation, which can be “Slow & Gentle” or “Hot & Sexy.” There are options within those two categories for sexual orientation and other specific interests.To break the ice, Slutbot sends a winky-face emoji and a rigid come-on: “It sounds like you are looking for some dirty talk.”During my own “flows” with Slutbot, I was told that I had “such lovely lips”; that it was “so ready” when we kissed; and that my tongue drove it “wild.” Some of the banter is unprintable here, but none of it felt vulgar.

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