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and no, I would not like to have my bank operations protected by the unlocked private key - the added convenience in this case is not worth the risk at all.

Few years ago my friend had an account in a bank that gave him security token, that generated a random number every 60 seconds, that had to be appended to password during login.

Please watch "Modern Crime Ware Tools and Techniques: An Analysis of Underground Resources" ( TL; DW: Bank account sessions are automatically detected and wire transfers happen immediately to shell accounts.

Login accounts are detected and sent to databases at C&C servers.

However, this is not all - in order to do anything meaningful (aka transfer money), I need a confirmation code, which is done by me typing into the little machine the amount, part of the account number being credited, and of course my banking pin to begin with.

It's because trojans are incredibly sophisticated and will take your money at the moment you log in, all undetected, with no fancy MITM or phishing or SSL cert faking.

Yeah yeah, they got your password and because it's unique now they won't get into some other account of yours. You're one in a million people owned by their trojan.

I switched to them a few years ago and it's been a great experience. They have the largest ATM network on the planet; every ATM is free-of-charge.

(That is, they'll refund the fees, if the ATM charges any.)Make it an optional smartphone app, like Google's two-factor auth. Gox does (they are hardly huge, and they could afford and World of Warcraft too.)You know what was expensive? I want my ,333 that I'm paying to keep banks open back. The individual tokens have a cost, then there's the management overheads of running the system.

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Initially it doesn't seem like too much but if you've got a customer base numbering in the millions, it can get quite pricey.

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