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SPb U employees have their works published in top-rated journals and annually participate in most important international scientific conferences.

In 2016 SPb U became the only Russian institution listed in the Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars, a prestigious scientific ranking (the Top 100 Institutions nomination).

Research Park: One of SPb U's most important tasks is implementation of its own research support programmes.

The activity of SPb U's spin-offs is aimed at practical implementation of intellectual activity results.

10 small innovative enterprises have been created and now operate at St Petersburg University: The outstanding academic staff is a most valuable resource of the University.

It is based on the SPb U Strategic Plan 2020 aimed, among other things, at comprehensive development of research, expert activity and innovation.

This task is solved through the following activities: Our Research Park unites teams from the resource centres acting within the framework of the main areas of the SPb U Strategic Plan.

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In 20, megagrant competitions were organised at SPb U, that resulting in the creation of 9 research laboratories headed by leading scholars from Russia and other countries.

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