Frum dating advice

In addition, I feel that it is making me look like a less desirable date.I have always been healthy, and sincerely doubt that I'll have difficulty conceiving.

We're not passing judgment on this preference -- we are just stating that it exists.

Women who have always expected that they would get married and have a family at some point in their lives (but never quite knew when that day would come) can't take that life choice for granted.

We know that many career women in their mid-30s look and feel young and wonderful and believe that they have plenty of time to marry and begin a family. It isn't just because of declining fertility rates; it's also because the longer you remain unmarried, the more entrenched you become in your lifestyle and the harder it can be for you to open up to someone else.

When you get that elusive match on Saw You At Sinai or you receive that phone number from the shadchan you’ve then got another problem on your hands. Before the list of the best places to take a first date after work in Manhattan, you’ll want to check out the new Star-K Kosher Viter Energy Mints to give you energy and fresh breath for your date.

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