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And just a 30 second scan of her bio is enough to build a character profile of your match.

So go full detective mode on her bio, pics, interests, and if you’re lucky… Try and find something you have in common – places she’s visited, hobbies she’s into, food she likes etc.

And with this, you’ll stand out from the crowded pool of Tinder guys you’re in direct competition with by sending a unique message about one of her pics, or something written in her bio – hobbies, a quote, likes or dislikes etc. The key with this is to be playful and fun with your personalised message.

Avoid making any of these common mistakes when starting out what to say to a girl on Tinder: Your match doesn’t need reminding how beautiful her smile is, or how gorgeous she looks in that bikini pic.Just like you wouldn’t ask a muslim chick out to wine tasting, or message a Harvard English Lit grad with sloppy spelling and grammar…You want to speak to your target market in the way.Because we all know Tinder provides us with one GIGANTIC headache… It’s easy enough to get matches, but damn right tricky to turn those matches into a successful conversation.There’s constructing the opener, keeping the conversation moving, and then ultimately, how you get a girl off of Tinder and into real life.

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