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However, all these things can be bought with money don't be mistaken, the price they are charging for the bnb is of unbelievable valuebut the relationships we formed, however brief, with the hosts were invaluable.

Wir würden diese Unterkunft jederzeit wieder wählen und können sie auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen.

They have their own entirely private bathroom and kitchen.

The church, now Protestantdates from the 15th century.

The town of Maarssen has been one of the favorite places in the country for wealthy Amsterdamers for years. Gary and Loekie's airbnb is the latter, a professionally-run yet intimate home that provides guests with everything they could ever wish for in an accommodation.

Ich bin ein Entdecker, der möchte, dass ein Gleichgesinnter das Abenteuer des Leben..

im into music, movies, comedy, dining out, sun holidays, keeping fit and generally enjoying life. Ich bin eine coole Dame, die nur glücklich sein will, weil ich immer geglaubt habe, das Leben sei zu kurz, um traurig zu sein.

The guests stay in a newly built studio with a private entrance.

Important information for water tourists: An informative six-minute film on the house, in which Loekie and Gary tell about its history and how they bought it, can be watched on You Tube, under the title "De Boomgaard in Maarssen" in Dutch, but also available with English subtitles. The style is informally modern, made more for feeling at home than to impress.

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No small talk and chat, but deep conversation but always with humor... My name is Hania and Im a Polish woman living in the Netherlands since 1999. I am sincere and helpful to those who need assistance.

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