Hazards of online dating should companies allow co worker dating

Some sites allow unregistered users to access profiles as an introductory method, which means that they go through no screening process and there are some horror stories of women being raped and even killed after meeting someone on the Internet.

Although these sites are a very popular means for singles to mingle, friends still look at you shocked when you tell them you’re meeting someone you met on the Internet.

Always be sure to meet in a public place, with lots of people around.

If they are not who you were expecting you can always cut the date short safely.

There are some things you can do to ensure your safety.

Another issue is a dating site is an ideal place for husbands and wives to find people to have affairs with.With copious amounts of singletons gracing the online covens, some disengaged from reality and with those who are unsuccessful in the love stakes hanging on in there, still believing in the urban myth that a “friend of a friend” married well.The ever hopeful candidates keep striving for their prize, only to sadly end up with far more than what they bargained for. Is this a clear miscommunication between the sexes or narcissism in its purest form disguised as harmless, dating deceit and all part of the game of moans?From European wannabe millionaires to prestige army personnel, Ellie Lambert has sampled a few of the unforgiving lessons that internet dating provides.Even the elite, costly sites remain indifferent to the hardened Lotharios who are signed up to the less reputable ones.

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