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In the boys' locker room, one of the boys gives her a compliment, which outrages him.

When he confronts him, he realizes he is cornered and shortly admits that he slit her throat when she refused to get back together with him and then disposed of her body in the lake.Meanwhile, Nicki and her friend, Val Cho, also grow concerned about Stacy’s relationship with him.Nicki soon learns from her cousin, Donna Fowler, that he has a history of being physically abusive and his last girlfriend moved away because of it.At first, she doesn't suspect that there is anything wrong, because he immediately apologizes after getting mad at her and tells her that he loves her and gives her gifts to show his remorse.Stacy soon promises to him that they will be together forever.

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She tries to explain that she was only dressing up for him, but he becomes more furious before throwing and slamming her into the wall.

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