Heidi cornell still dating bill

Since then, she has kept her place in the girls' clique throughout the series.

Her role had seemed to be gradually growing, but hadn't dropped off until "The Hobbit".

Heidi and her parents were first seen in the story arc "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell? When Cartman founded his church and the parents were trying to convince their kids to come back, Heidi went inside.

In "The Problem with a Poo", she has lost weight looking like her old self, though she is still wearing her hat.

In "Skank Hunt", she gains a orange hat with black, white, and purple accents; a purple flower is also attached to it.

Heidi starts to gain weight in "Doubling Down", following her discovery of "Beyond KFC".

She decides to abandon the victim mentality and break up with Cartman.

As she appeared as her old self prior to her weight gain in "The Problem with a Poo", it can be assumed that she has also reclaimed her kind and caring personality as well.

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