Hispnic dating culture

Hispanic elements included in even the most simple wedding rites may be: The Cojines (kneeling pillows) White satin cushions beautifully embroidered with the words, Nuestra Boda are placed on the kneelers of the bride and groom by the corresponding padrinos during the entrance procession.

The Bible Blessed and presented to the couple, it is encouragement to build a life based on Christ's teachings.

The coins symbolize his commitment to care for her and provide for the economic and material welfare of the home.

Her acceptance of the coins symbolizes her trust and confidence in him.

as a way of giving thanks to God for new life and a safe delivery.

Compadrazgo (godparentage) usually involves a solemn commitment to the family as friend, confidant and advisor and a commitment to become a true other parent' to the newly baptized child.From La Presentacin to Quinceaeras to Weddings to celebrating El Aniversario de los Abuelos, Hispanic celebrations are joyful gatherings enriched by cherished customs and traditions.The richness of Spanish celebrations is enhanced by the wide range of Hispanic backgrounds Mexican, Caribbean, Central and South American as well as the surrounding culture of North America, its language and its cultural norms.The ceremony takes place among the church congregation and people who want to be present at the event, and who welcome the child into the faith family.Among some Hispanic cultures, the terms Bautizo and Bautismo are used interchangeably.

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