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SInce video conferencing solutions like Skype are affordable, you can actually use a webcam as a security monitor of sorts.This can be accomplished by always having the webcam turned on so that employers can easily check on their remote employees with just a glance of their monitor.Would you like to become a little closer to your clients and get an edge over your competitors? Yet it is common knowledge that seeing is believing! Run a feed on how a house is built right on your web site! However, you can’t hold back progress — nowadays running a public live feed from any cam would be accessible to any of my coworkers who had once dined in that canteen.Now you can easily demonstrate all the advantages that make you competitive with the help of Ivideon — the best thing is that it’s absolutely free! Few are aware of it, but Ivideon has a very useful option, which is also absolutely free — it allows to set up access to a webcam and embed the feed into your web site or blog in just a couple of clicks.

We assure you — you’ll become a go-to person for all your clients before you know it!

Using a camera along with a Vo IP communication solution like Skype is a great way to have a video conference where team members can see each other, and therefore pick up on social cues that get missed with the limitations of e-mail and instant messaging.

Until hologram technology becomes readily available to the public, video conferencing may be the next best thing to having a face-to-face meeting.

There are cams for indoors and outdoors use available, with a variety of Internet connection options—cable, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G.

It goes without saying that Ivideon is a private video surveillance service first and foremost.

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By taking advantage of cloud services, Desktop Virtualization, and other great remote solutions, your employees can access your network from anywhere and your company can reap the rewards of having a mobile workforce, such as improved moral and saving workers the major expense of commuting.

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