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Code § 26-14-1(2) Failure to provide adequate supervision of a child Child Endangerment: Ala. § 53-21a Child under the age of 12, for a period of time that presents a substantial risk to the child’s health or safety Home Alone Age: N/A Child Neglect: Conn.

§ 507.040 (Part of Manslaughter Statute) Child under 8 left in vehicle showing extreme indifference to human life and resulting in death of child Home Alone Age: N/A Child Neglect: Ky.

§ Failure to provide necessary care Child Endangerment: Alaska Stat. § 8-201 Failure to provide a child under 18 with supervision which creates an unreasonable risk of harm Child Endangerment: Ariz. Welfare And Institutions Code §300 Failure to adequately supervise or protect the child Child Endangerment: Cal. § 19-3-102 The child lacks proper parental care Child Endangerment: (Abuse) Colo.

§ Intentionally deserts a child under 16 in circumstances that create a substantial risk, or fails to provide adequate food or drink causing protracted impairment of the child’s health Arizona Unattended in Vehicle: N/A Home Alone Age: Does not designate an age but reminds parents that the CPS will investigate reports of neglect which include failure to provide supervision Child Neglect: Ariz. Penal Code § 273A Willfully permits a child to be placed in a situation where their health is endangered Colorado Unattended in Vehicle: N/A Home Alone Age: 12 (Guideline) From Colorado’s DHS: In general, Colorado has accepted the age of 12 as a guideline for when it might be appropriate for a child to be left alone for short periods of time Child Neglect: Colo.

Children 10 and above probably can be left for somewhat longer periods, again dependent upon the other factors.

§ 38-2202 Failure to provide adequate supervision of a child Child Endangerment: Kan.

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Five states have laws that specify what age a child can be home alone, and 10 states have “guidelines.” For states that don’t have these, the child neglect laws are the next most relevant sources of information. This list is not a legal document and some localities have rules and guidelines even when the state does not. The first one provides pretty much what you need at a glance. Once in a while, they contradict each other, because different sources apparently provide different info. § 53-21 Permitting a child under 16 to be placed in a situation where the life or limb of the child is endangered Delaware Unattended in Vehicle: N/A Home Alone Age: 12 (Guideline) From Delaware’s DSCYF: “While there is no law in Delaware regulating an appropriate age for a child to be left home alone, the Division of Family Services will accept for investigation any report of a child under the age of 12 being left alone.” Child Neglect: Del.

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