Im not dating average girl lyrics

While the You Tube video did a great job of illustrating some warning signs (foot tattoo of astrological sign, "Sex and the City" themed brunches, "Teen Mom" marathons), a bad bitch’s badness extends past her lack of yoga pants and directly to her core.

Immediately vibey, you can tell from the get that this is one album where every lyric counts.Bad bitches know that gossiping is a waste of time.Bad bitches view everything as a resource, even the struggles.A bad bitch knows that she’s the architect of her life and she draws up her own plan.If some people don’t like what she created, screw it. While basic bitches rely on the Internet to tell them what they should be doing at a certain age, a bad bitch knows that fun, happiness and hope have no age limits.

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The baddest bitches are often the one’s you’d least suspect.

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