Intimidating hockey masks

While fiberglass masks were groundbreaking at the time, their gradual rise in popularity exposed several key faults in their design.

By the late 1970s, Valdislav Tretiak, a notorious Russian tendy, donned the first ever helmet-cage hybrid style mask.

It is still perhaps the most recognizable goalie mask in hockey history.

The look was just as terrifying as you would imagine, and it became commonplace amongst future generations of goalies.The mask now rests at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.Gerry Cheevers had his trainer paint stitches on his fiberglass mask whenever a puck or stick struck him in the face.The birdcage masks, a la Hasek and Osgood, are almost fully replaced by the hybrid fiberglass cage masks.Goalie masks have become an art form, an expression and an extension of a goalie’s uniform.

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