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So many escort, poor and dating sites our daughter found false scandalous dating sites with father looking for sex dates and young girls. Com/#1805304**84Aurelio Juarez Cortez.4,030115,077683,6072,787,038/ 1Hour24 Hours7Days30Days Note: All times are in America/New_York timezone (-0400)Most Widely Reported IP Addresses (Last 24 Hours) US (91 reports from 64 distinct users) RO 1.182 (134 reports from 56 distinct users) NL (54 reports from 51 distinct users) DE 1.132 (53 reports from 44 distinct users) NL .132 (58 reports from 42 distinct users) NL 1.4 (56 reports from 42 distinct users) SG 206.1 (63 reports from 40 distinct users) US .248 (49 reports from 40 distinct users) US 104.1 (49 reports from 38 distinct users) CN 1.251 (47 reports from 38 distinct users) Reported Country of Origin Red Team Last 7 Days −Reporters' Country of Origin Blue Team Last 7 Days −Reported IP Addresses By Country (Last7Days)China United…

Stolen pictures changed passwords, new accounts, wrecked and destroyed trust in a marriage , time, emotional damage, and money spent on online items that never knew existed....

The amount of pornographic material available on the web is staggering.

As introductory economics, search engines, and other online data repositories tell us, the market for such material is just as large.

I'd theft, impersonating as a significant other exploiting my self and husband acting out through dating sites, porn sites, acting out and and fraudulant affairs between couples, home wrecking, phone VOIP from strangers asking for sexual indescestions, money for sex.

This hacker has recorded conversations, later to set a scenario of the conversation that was never heard or discussed w anyone other than who was discussing it night before.

Unfortunately, as a cybersecurity company, we know all too well about the drawbacks associated with the internet.

We're here to help by facilitating conversation on online safety with the resources below, and by providing you with the home internet security tools to ensure malicious actors aren't able to seek you out online.

That isn’t to say these topics aren’t ongoing threats, just that they lose media attention.News media organizations often treat specific internet safety issues as fads – after being THE hot topic, issues fall out of favor becoming “old news” in spite of ongoing risks and threats.We’ve seen this with pornography, child predators, chat room risks, meeting strangers and, more recently, sexting.Multiply that by 12 months and a yearly loss of 6 coming from every employee that views pornography can be estimated. If we divide this by the 28% of employees who use a work computer to visit pornographic sites, up to 37 million employees view pornography in the workplace.(Note: There are many ways to pare down this number, for example by excluding some labor categories, but for the sake of the exercise we’re keeping it simple).

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