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no clickbait.” Her driver was a creepster, but non-lethal.) Mongeau’s 4.7 million You Tube followers are paltry compared to Paul’s 19 million, but her fans are extremely loyal and eager to commune; last year, her attempt to hold a “Tana Con” as an alternative to Vid Con turned into a Fyre Fest-level disaster when 20,000 people showed up.But Mongeau has turned that seeming failure into a big win, dramatically increasing her profile with the stunt.The Paul brothers’ audacious stunts — such as jumping over moving cars and trashing their LA mansion for clicks — evolved into a hugely influential part of You Tube culture as Vine fell by the wayside.You might remember 24-year-old Logan Paul as the controversial You Tuber who gained international notoriety (and a permanent You Tube black mark) after posting a video in Japan’s “suicide forest” in 2018.Sure, dating sucks, but there’s a new dating app promising to find your one and only using its “soulmate algorithm”.Thing is, Tender isn’t there to find you love, but to launch a new ARG from games publishers Paradox.“Jana” represents a new phase of internet celebrity — one that combines all the aesthetics of reality television with the self-aware, DIY marketing hustle of the influencer.If you’re new to the world of Jana, here’s a quick recap.

She pointed out that Mongeau’s vlogosphere and Paul’s prank pack had been united in the form of Team 10, a drama-filled You Tube network headed by Paul which is similar to blogging networks or podcast networks.

No one knows that world better than Jake, best known for mild Disney stardom and being Jake Paul everyday, bro, and Tana, best known for her loyal fanbase and last year’s disastrous Tana Con.

The real union on display was the marriage of reality TV’s extreme artificiality and social media’s presentation of “authentic” media figures.

It’s unlikely you’ll make it through the sign-up process, which shows off a gory announcement video and then asks for your blood type, without getting the heebie jeebies, but that’s because it appears to be promotion for an upcoming vampiric horror game.

When you consider that Paradox owns White Wolf Publishing who themselves own the Vampire The Masquerade license, it’s easy to see what it might be pushing.

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