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Once a knife is sold, you will receive 75% of the final sale price of the knife. Please read our Consignment Policies below as this will answer other questions you might have.

We are no longer accepting any knives or items with Elephant Ivory of any kind as of July 6th 2016 when the Federal Ivory Ban went into effect. You can use whatever shipping method you prefer to send your knives to us, but we recommend insuring your shipment.

Declined knives will be returned to the owner at owner expense.

Changing prices Once your knives have been listed on the site, you will be able to view all of your consignment items in your Member's Account.

Although you may provide your own descriptions if you wish, we reserve the right to edit the description in any way we deem appropriate.

At Arizona Custom Knives, we sell thousands of consigned knives every year and would like to offer you the same opportunity.

You will also be able to view past/present payout information so you can keep track of what you have been paid, and what you have coming up on the next payout.

If you choose to change the price on your consignment item, it will be added to our "Activation List" and will be added to the "Recently Added" section.

Repair and/or cleaning fees will be charged if we need to work on a knife to make it presentable and will delay placement on the site.

Due to the large number of consignments we accept each week, it may take up to six weeks from the date we receive your knives to post them on the site.

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