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This long-running sitcom usually sticks to lighter women’s issues.But “Girlfriends” (from executive producer Kelsey Grammer, now in its seventh year) does a nice, nonpreachy job with this one, interweaving an upbeat Valentine tale with the serious abuse story.Somehow I received some Kim Possible clips in my You Tube recommended feed so I decided to give the show a shot.I personally didn’t experience much nostalgia since I never really watched the show as a child. A popular cheerleader should at least have a hunky jock boyfriend, they advise. Kim Possible, high-school cheerleader and superhero, star of Disney Channel’s animated hit series and movie spinoff, is entering a new life passage. Saturday on Disney, she’s finding her way while saving the world but, meanwhile, her girlfriends are pressuring her to “trade up” in boyfriends.This results in Kim having to travel all over the globe and no matter where she goes, she always encounters lots of new surprises.The writers are very creative, the evil schemes can become very convoluted and comical at times and there are lots of interesting gadgets and weapons (both good and evil) that appear in the show, which result in flashy action scenes.

Grown up “Girlfriends” Shifting gears from princess to victim, and moving to an older target audience, consider CW’s “Girlfriends” this week (8 p.m. The comedy debuts an episode called “Time to Man Up.” An intriguing choice for Valentine’s week, it’s about domestic abuse.Barkin, Patton Oswalt as the evil, German-accented Dr.Dementor and Jean Smart as Kim’s Mom, “Kim Possible” is sharp as ever.Through this illusion, it teaches teenagers important lessons at a time when they are experimenting most with their lives and personalities.I highly suggest that you show this show to your kids or younger relatives and friends, because it truly is brilliant.

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While each episode does involve Kim having to save the world, an equally significant part of each episode is when Kim has to deal with average high schooler problems.

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