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In addition, Kim is drawn towards International Diplomacy, a difficult and extroverted field, during a career fair held at her school.Kim also had a tendency to be worried about and was frequently fooled by, exterior appearance.For the most part, her schoolmates are aware of her work but don't do anything about it unless it somehow affects them directly.At school, Kim is one of the most popular kids, the head of her cheer-leading squad and a straight-A student, rather than as a misunderstood outsider/underdog as typical of the genre.Bonnie also makes no secret of her consistent wish to embarrass or surpass Kim.Kim's personality traits are most clearly demonstrated when her school is hit by an astrology-like personality guideline fad known as Animology, under which she is classified as being a "Blue Fox", which is defined as "a born leader who unable to resist a challenge; is driven to excel; a perfectionist".Likewise, Kim's longstanding rivalries with Shego, and fellow cheerleader Bonnie Rockwaller, often lead to rather predictable circumstances.

It includes a wide array of features: a self-repairing system, a force-field, muscle and strength enhancements, and gauntlets able to morph into energy-resistant jai alai cesta-like scoops able to catch and return energy and solid projectiles.Later, it is also equipped with a stealth mode, enabling Kim to become invisible.Kim is a confident and assertive teenager whose awareness of her own abilities is reflected well by her motto "I can do anything".Fortunately Rufus saw it and drew it for Monique to make.Kim went through a couple interim trial outfits, but none worked out.

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