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You won’t latch onto every person who comes into your orbit as being the ‘one,’ simply because they meet some of your criteria or the sheer fact they may express some interest in you.

In making peace with being single, it will be easier to set some standards, and stick to them.

And rest easy, boys: If you like it then you mos def DON’T need to put a ring on it. As open as I am to many men and all relationships, though, I, Mrs.I understand that if I want to get more money, I should be ready to give more money, and I have experience proof that it is working, although it’s still hard sometimes to do it. I feel lucky that I have a very good family and friends, and I don’t have any difficulty to spread the love for them or anyone around me, but my man is still not coming yet after years.And I feel it’s quite different, between the universal love and the love relationship with a man. I indeed a beautiful and attractive woman, but I just hardly find an available man that I want after so many years, and I get frustrated now.Not because finding love is an inherently more difficult thing to manifest, or because the Universe thinks we really have to ‘earn’ it and prove we are worthy of a proper mate.It is because we have a hell of a lot of baggage around it, and detachment seems damn near impossible, especially if you happen to be a lady whose biological clock is ticking so loudly, you can barely hear yourself think.

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The first reason is a fear we have that somehow becoming happier now will cancel our ‘order’ with the good old U…after all, isn’t constantly expressing our disdain for our current situation the linchpin in manifesting something better?

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