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— 7 — Then he left for Barcelona, there to take ship for Italy and obtain a pilgrim’s license to visit the Holy Land.

Early Years Some biographers—among them Chris¬ topher Hollis—claim that these incidents marked the soldier Ignatius as a “great lover,” a man of tremendous loyalties and strong enthusiasm. His youth was a period of his life which he always referred to as years in which he lived as a great sinner. Every Don Juan was once a potential saint; every saint was once a potential debauchee or harlot”—Hollis (p. When Ferdinand of Aragon and Igna¬ tius’ superior, Velasquez, died, Ignatius thought it well to leave the wearying life of the royal court and to seek his future and adventure in the wars. He kept his ideals, his love of beauty, his sensitiveness to the romance of life, and especially a great capacity for affection. Instead they found and brought him a Life of Our Savior by the monk Rudolph of Saxony and a collection of saints’ lives titled Flos Sanctomim (Flowers of the Saints). He later called this period of suffering his “martyrdom of vanity.” While he dragged along in convalescence, Inigo asked for some books about great deeds of love and war with which to occupy himself, but there was not one in the castle.

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He slept on the floor, with a log or stone as his pillow, ate black bread only once a day and drank nothing but water. He bound his waist with a heavy iron chain under his sackcloth dress.

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