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This wasn't because she had cold feet, mind you, but because Keith's brother (and eventual murderer) Dan Scott had paid her to ?In his season six stint as erstwhile movie director Adam Reese, James Van Der Beek snorts coke, yells at Lucas, and is generally Not A Good Guy.And also, he has sex with a woman who looks just like Brooke, but isn't Brooke?I don't know, the whole thing is Royal Scott, a.k.a. Being a pretty nasty guy who caused generations' worth of trauma, Royal comes up in conversation over the years, but only ever makes that single appearance for a birthday dinner. Kevin Kilner played Peyton's Hot Dad Larry in seasons two and three, and then disappeared forever (which probably contributed to some of Peyton's angst).Larry was out at sea a lot, and once was thought to have drowned, which caused a lot of angst for Peyton.(Good news: He was fine.) He was a loving dad (ish) for a couple of years when Peyton was a teenager, but never showed up when Peyton and Lucas became parents to baby Sawyer, which kind of sucked.

played Emily Chambers, who fell in love with Keith Scott in season two and promptly stood him up at the altar.This ill-thought-out cameo is now in the history books as one of music's worst-ever TV cameos, per Billboard.Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy plays Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, who meets Peyton at a show and then magically appears weeks later at a getaway in the woods, where Pete and Peyton kiss with palpable awkwardness.She meets her birth mom, Ellie, who dies literally weeks later.Peyton discovers Ellie had a son, her half-brother Derek.

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Shelley was so consumed by guilt afterwards that she promptly dumped Mouth and broke his heart.

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