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If Child Line categories the report as a CPS (suspected child abuse) and you made the report as a mandated reporter, you will automatically receive a letter notifying you of the result of the investigation, to include the final status and any services planned/provided to the child/family.

The law requires the name of the mandated reporter to be kept confidential, and Children and Youth Services agents take that requirement VERY seriously.

Afterward, you should inform your supervisor (or whoever is designated at your place of employment) about the report. You do not have to investigate or be certain of the abuse, or even know the name of the person who is suspected of abusing a child.

Your responsibility is to make a report when you have reasonable cause to suspect child abuse.

As long as you make the report without malice (with good intentions based on your suspicions), you cannot be sued or receive any adverse action from your employer. Willful failure to report suspected abuse is a serious crime.In October 2017, Governor Cuomo signed into law Assembly Bill 6053-A which, among other things, mandated the addition of sepsis instruction to required infection control and barrier precaution coursework for certain medical professionals.A full-text version of the law is available here: New York State Public Health Law, compliments of the NYS Senate.For more information on failure to report, Perhaps.New training requirements for mandated reporters were part of the 2014 amendments.

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