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] The following story I am going to post was not written by me and could be fake or fantasy however you want to interpret it. I noticed my daughters body squirming in my arms, she said, dad this is too much, stop, I can't handle this... She went on her knees and kissed the tip of my dick. She sucks my dick inside her mouth, I feel her tongue go along the rim of the head. I said, let's go to the bed, thats more comfortable; we did not even bother to dry off and went to the bed.

National Geographic's “Taboo” television series featured a segment about Stanley Thornton, a 30-year-old man who sleeps in a crib, wears XXL diapers and sucks juice from a bottle.

Constant FUCKIN nausea, I've never felt more like an invalid! SO SICK of ppl Our plans to attend a carnival were canceled due to nobody's fault. my ds3 turned the lock on the knob last night and locked us out of the house.

DH is pouting and whining like a toddler, but the children are taking it fine. I work as a General manager in fast food and I literally hate all my employees, they are worthless, lazy, and pieces of dog shit. thankfully I had my phone, but it took a locksmith just before midnight to let us back in. I'm so fucking sick of the evil pieces of shit who run this planet! It makes me low-key ragey how nobody needs anything out of the kitchen until I go in there & start fixing dinner. Then they have the nerve to huff if my cutting board is "in their way". Today I want to walk out my front door and simply disappear away from my husband and son forever.

So began a lucrative business, Forever a Kid, making man-sized sun-suits, diaper covers, footie pajamas, bonnets… Marci also makes rompers and bishop dresses for big little girls, too. The infantilist community is described by one practitioner as something comprised of two main types - adult babies (who role play as infants) and sissy babies (who role play as infants of the opposite gender).

This fact was a little bit of a cosmic joke, because prior to birthing a domain full of dudes (four, to be exact), I was a total girl’s girl. Unless you stand at the door and remind them twenty times to use soap … Even if you personally don’t find farts humorous (in which case, I’m wondering why you’re on my blog), you have to learn to tolerate those who do. From the time I found out I was expecting my first boy, I was dead-set on one thing: teaching him to use the toilet properly. One remembers to put the seat down, but not to flush. One leaves toilet paper in weird places, like hanging out of the bowl or on the floor (WTF? ” Don’t ever let someone tell you that you’re lucky because boys aren’t dramatic. (I spend the other 25% cleaning up the messes that result when my preaching goes in one ear and out the other.) All of this intensifies with multiple boys and/or a visit from multiple friends. I have literally been forced to utter the phrase “Stop wrapping your penis around your fork.” They do it in a way someone might, say, bite their nails or twiddle their thumbs: automatically, absentmindedly, innocently, frequently.

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Government, corporations, religious leaders- they're the true evil in this world! Sick of seeing stories on google's homepage about Jo Jo and Jordan. I honestly think the only thing they'd miss about my presence is that there will be no one to clean up after them.

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  1. The latest portion of that plan was announced by the university on Monday, after it was approved during the annual meeting of Syracuse's Board of Trustees. That reality has become especially evident in an era when the creation of flashy college facilities has been compared to an arms race.