My parents are dating

While I valued their opinions, I also felt that I should continue dating him because I wanted to form my own opinion of him.

When I went to visit his family in January, my mom and dad were angry that I was still dating him, and asked me why I would take a trip to visit him and his family.

Here are only a few examples from our “Ask the Therapist” service:“I’m caught between my mother and my wife,” says a 25-year-old man in Boston. ”A young man in Florida writes: “My wife is Latina and I’m white. We fight when we get home because she says I should stop him but I know nothing I can say is going to change him. ”“My boyfriend and I want to marry but we’re from different ethnic groups and we know our parents will never agree.

–“ My Chinese mother expects my wife to obey her and wait on her when she visits, just as she did for her mother-in-law. My father goes on and on about illegal immigration whenever we visit. We’ve been secretly seeing each other for 4 years now.” –- from a young woman in Serbia. Like them, you want your parents to love and admire the person you’ve chosen.

They told me they “couldn’t believe I would still date someone that they don’t approve of for me”.All they see is something Wrong – with a capital W. You love and, yes, respect your parents but you also love and admire your partner. If you and the person you love aren’t clear about your commitment and the compromises you are willing to make to be together, the constant disapproval, whether stated or seething under the surface, can undermine your relationship.The child of the disapproving parents is caught in a terrible bind.However, she was deeply upset and was very affected by the fact that I decided to have sex.My bf came to visit my parents’ home over Christmas break.

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