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Besides, we buy everything any of you guys release... Or am I gonna seem silly cause there aren't any anymore :) Nick Mason: Our recent live albums had no over-dubs. Flytomars: There is a b**tleg out, which features live performance in better quality then the live Ummagumma, why shouldnt I enjoy it? Spyder: What are the average top speeds that you run at?

Nuno: Some people rather have live stuff without overdubs. Ilan: Nick, have you made any offers for any of the existing GTO's? Joe Mc Grellis: Nick, In you opinion, what defines a Classic Car?

Nick Mason: No I don't remember Michael Blowers but I am very old now. Ilan: Nick: When are your books going to be released? Afi: We're all very envious of you and your great car collection - do you envy the Sultan of Brunei?

The Interstellar Man: What is your favourite song to listen to while driving? The Interstellar Man: Let's say you are speeding through the wide-open country with a funny cigarette in one hand and not an automobile near you, what tune would most suit this situation? Nick Mason: First car was a 1927 Austin Seven Chummy which cost £20. Spud Murphy: What's the least interesting car you've owned?

Nick Mason: BBC recordings were meant to be one offs and not kept for posterity Nils: Some of us like our live recordings without the over-dubs. How did it feel to sell one/several of your cars to finance a Pink Floyd tour? Nick Mason: English edition has CD of car sounds, US version doesn't.

I read that there is a cd with Into The come free with the book??

Nick Mason: Pink Floyd on stage, 512S in the cockpit. Nick Mason: Dodgiest car - hard to choose between the Trabant and a Model T previously owned by Laurel and Hardy Afi: You didnt say what you drive on a daily basis?

Nigel: Do you remember Michael Blowers from your high school?

Nick Mason: Yes I still have a C5 and am perfectly capable of driving very badly indeed. Lunatic-on-the-bluegrass: Have you ever considered a spin in a NASCAR racer? Ilan: Nick: What are the features of the GTO that you find most striking? Nick Mason: GTO features most strking - brakes, suspension, engine, gearbox, body shape, performance, history,.. Richard-NZ: Nick, do you ever chat in the IRC chat rooms??? Nick Mason: I know there are the bootlegs on the net, it's just not something I want to collect. Nick Mason: No forthcoming album at present so music uninfluenced..... Lunatic-on-the-bluegrass: OK, then, which gives you the best feeling of `being on top of the world', so to speak, perched atop your drum throne after making 60000 peoples' mouths drop, or.. Nick Mason: Yes I would like to see the speed limit raised on motorways. Nick Mason: Thankfully no bad accidents but lots of spins and minor body damage..the car that is. Nick Mason: Yes too expensive to change from left hand. Nick Mason: If there was a question that I would like to answer I would have asked it myself. Rupert: Any driving influenced music in a forthcoming album? Afi: Hey Nick, do you think the UK speed limit should be raised? driving a great race with the car doing just as you hoped? Lunatic-on-the-bluegrass: Do you have any encouragement for those in search of `the Publius Enigma'? Res Pisces: Do you think Britain should keep the left-hand traffic? Mudman: Are you as close to Pete Townshend as Dave? Afi: Is it hard work driving some of the older cars in your collection. Richard-NZ: Nick, did you expect so many rubbish questions today?? Nick Mason: Yes timing is important but I think my driving reflects my drumming in a tendency to speed up..... Nick Mason: Schumachers ability, Damon Hills personality. Nick Mason: Half the cars are in London, the rest spread around with various mechanics.

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Nick Mason: Worst fear - another question about how the band got its name! Nick Mason: No plans for Le Mans, Touring Cars or Classic Car Museum. Nick Mason: Lotus Elise - my daughter thinks it's the greatest car in the world. I would do another race like La Carrera but I'm not sure if Dave would bearing in mind the accident. Moz: Nick, in your opinion who is the best car maker (or from what country : Italia, Japan (! Nick Mason: Cars - Italian design, German engineering, British drivers. Nick Mason: Haven't heard anything on Publius for a year. Moz: Nick, if there was to be a race with lots of celebrity, will you race with em (and show em the power of the Floyd !!! Afi: Hey Richard NZ that's a good question, you might win the book with that!

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