Nick simmons dating hanna beth

Dexter has been known to use other methods of obtaining his target than the needle of sedative, using wire to choke his victims or even choke holds to make them pass out.

After using whatever method to obtain the victim, Dexter uses either his own car or the victim's car to transport them to the location of the kill room.

The extensive process of observing gives Dexter the detailed layout of a person's schedule: where they'll be, when they'll be at these places and when Dexter can complete further steps.(He started with animals during childhood.) Unlike most serial killers, he had someone to help him control and hone his urge to kill based on a rule set: The Code of Harry.For years, Dexter distanced himself from his crimes, referring to being controlled by a Dark Passenger..A frequent approach to hunting his targets is to meet them head on and learn based on the conversation they have.Dexter is a master at faking identities, having had over 20 aliases during the course of the show.

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