No dating prospects

I also feel as though I haven’t achieved my personal best just yet, and, ideally, one would want to offer up his or her best self in a relationship.The last thing I want to do is place the reason for my happiness on another person.

There are lots of really decent men out there, but they aren’t the right fit for me or vice versa.

I have no problem with other religions, but I draw the line when I’m boldly told that my spiritual belief is wrong.

They get corralled into the crazy pen for quarantine – to ensure no cross contamination occurs. I am really not ready because I feel as though I have much to work on.

single in your 30s isn’t akin to having the plague.

So I don’t get why some people, especially you married people, treat single women as lepers (insert up and down look of disgust and wrinkled nose here; I’d add the huffy sweeping of skirts, but that might be overkill).

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