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Speeding is not, of itself, a danger to anyone; Lewis Hamilton does it all the time, and he's not dead.Failing to come to a controlled stop, however, can be (and often is) fatal to any number of people... If the state wants to safeguard the road-users and pedestrians of France; it should prosecute tailgating, reversing out of blind areas into the main highway, not indicating at junctions and roundabouts, over/undertaking on roundabouts, blocking exits - just to list a few.

and that will likely be the case as long as they go on being vandalised.” READ ALSO: Why are half of France's speed cameras out of action?The French state is set to lose as much as half a billion euros due to vandalism of speed cameras by “yellow vest” protesters and others which half left half of the country's road safety devices out of order.*French language learner article.* *This is a French language learner article.We want to make sure that each European government is well informed and can take a structured approach to the regulation of CAM, so that CAM can be better implemented as a supportive body to the existing medical field. spoke with Ranjit Malik, CAMS, regional director for business development in the Indian subcontinent at ACAMS, to discuss ACAMS’ growth in India, the South India Chapter and what India’s anti-financial crime professionals can expect in 2019.

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